Waste Connections’ Anson Landfill is located approximately 40 miles east of Charlotte, NC on the I-74 corridor and services North Carolina and South Carolina. Vehicles have direct access to our site from I-74.

We strive to operate a customer friendly site that promotes customer service through good access on site, a trained and qualified staff and a full range of disposal solutions.

We pride ourselves on customer response and our ability to meet our customers’ unique needs. Special Waste customers enjoy prompt turn around time on approvals – normally completely within 24 hours of receiving a Special Waste Profile.

Customers driving their personal vehicles to Anson Landfill can utilize our convenience center that provides safe and easy disposal as well as recycling for household materials, tires and electronic equipment.

Anson Landfill began operations in 2000 and meets all State and Federal design requirements for lined, Sub-Title D landfills, including a fully automated leachate collection system and landfill gas extraction system.

Recently we completed an expansion of our voluntary landfill gas extraction system that extracts methane and carbon dioxide from the site and destroys them in a flare eliminating greenhouse gas emission for the site.