What do we do?

Anson Landfill is a municipal solid waste landfill operating under a permit issued by the State of North Carolina for the dispsal of municipal solid waste. We are supported by our hauling company, Peachland Hauling that is a full serivce solid waste disposal company.

When are we open to public?

Monday - Friday: 6:30 AM - 4:00 PM

What do we take?

Normal Household Garbage, Non-Hazardous Commerical Waste, Farm or Agricultural Waste, Municipal Solid Waste, Construction Debris, Concrerte & Asphalt, Yard Waste, Tree Branches, Non-putresible Dry Waste, Clean Fill - Soil, Dead Animals, Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste, Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge, Industrial Sludges, Industrial OPowders, Contaminated Soil, Treated Lumber.

Where are we located?

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Is there is a special price for Tires, E-Waste, White Goods, Batteries, Green Waste, Wood Waste, etc?

No tires, E-Waste, White Goods, Batteries. We do operate convenience sites for Anson County where these materials are accepted. Green Waste and Wood Waste - no charge for "in County" residence. Out-of-County accounts are charged $43/ton and In-County commercial accounts are charged $34.40/ton.

Does my load have to be covered/tarped?

YES, ALL loads must be covered/tarped and/or secured in such a manner that no waste or debris can fly out, fall out or become airborne in anyway. Uncovered/unsecured loads will be charged double, no exceptions.

Can I come out to the landfill and salvage or pick through the trash?

No, salvaging or “picking” is not allowed at the landfill.

Can I bring my old paint, chemicals and/or cleaning supplies to the landfill?

No, these items must go to a chemical waste disposal facility.

What if I need to get rid of asbestos/chemically contaminated soil and/or other contaminated material?

With proper documentation, we can accept some of these types of items. Please call the landfill and we will provide you information and instruction for disposing of “special waste.”

Do we take Checks, ATM or Credit Cards?

Checks, debit and credit cards. We do not take cash.

What is the Phone Number?


Can they email a question?

Yes please email us at cust6115@wcnx.org

Who is the Special Waste Contact?

Helen Grigg
Office: 704-694-6900 ext. 2
Mobile: 704-773-5317
Email: HelenG@WasteConnections.com